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LCMI - About Us

About our founders Mike & Becky Rule

Mike and Becky have known since the early 1980's that they would be involved in full time ministry, but God continually told them to wait. Those years of waiting were used to peel away many false assumptions, expectations, and misunderstandings about who He is and what He is calling His children to be. After 15 years of working in various positions in the auto industry, God led Mike to step into ministry full time. Like Abraham, Mike and Becky are going to a place He will show them. They are being led day-by-day with the purpose of simply showing up to see what God does. As God continues to define and explain, they continue to offer themselves in order to participate with Him and learn from Him.

The Rule's both desire to minister to the Lord Himself. God has asked that they do this by ministering to the Christ who dwells in each believer. Mike and Becky simply tell what they have seen and what they have heard as they walk with God. God deeply desires to see His people come to truly know Him as the God who is so much more than we have ever imagined Him to be. All else pales in comparison to Him. Jesus is passionate to fill the heart-void that we try to fill with things other than Himself, and He is calling His children to walk in deeper levels of faith knowing that He can be everything to us NOW, not only in the future.

Mike fulfills his role in LCMI by doing the majority of the "visible" ministry, including preaching, lecturing, counseling, and writing. Becky fulfills her role by enabling ministry through organization, editing, writing, and assisting as needed. The Rule's have been married since 1987 and reside in Cass City, Michigan with their two children.


About LCMI

LCMI centers solely upon the person of Jesus Christ and is founded upon one simple statement of faith: "Jesus is all we need." We believe that Jesus Christ paid the price for sin once for all and that people are saved through faith in Him alone. By this we mean we can be saved not only from eternal hell, but also from the internal hell in which we often live. It is our desire and calling to share this good news with others who find themselves in difficult personal, family and church situations. Our struggles, disappointments and hurts can work for us. They show us how desperately we need Jesus and cause us to reach out in faith to Him who is our sufficiency and stability.

We do not offer a program as much as we offer discipleship. This inter-denominational outreach invites people to discover who they are created to be as individuals, married couples, families, and the body of Christ. This is accomplished in workshop, consultation, and counseling settings.

Many of us struggle to know who we are and what we are meant to be. Our attempts to find fulfillment often center around accumulating the right doctrine and knowledge; maintaining a particular lifestyle; attaining a certain level of maturity; experiencing a specific kind of worship; finding the right pastor, church family, program, etc. We have found all these things to fall short. Our goal is to help people see that Jesus is their deepest desire; He alone is the One who satisfies our yearnings and makes life complete.

LCMI does not campaign or attempt to raise support by petitioning churches or individuals for financial contributions. The majority of our support comes from those who are led by God to give; it is our firm conviction that if this ministry is of the Lord, He will provide all we need. Click here if you are interested in learning more about becoming a member of our support team.


Mission Statement


Because of intimacy with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we are agents for Christ, on behalf of Christ, who minister to Christ by comforting and caring for His earthly Body, the Church, particularly those who are yearning for deeper intimacy with God while feeling desperate, frustrated, and hopeless.  We do this through the following four areas of ministry:  

Discipleship counseling
Teaching and training


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