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LCMI - Support Team

If you are interested in becoming a member of our support team you can donate online!

LCMI Support Team

The LCMI support team is a group of people called by God to contribute to His work through LCMI in various ways.  LCMI and the support team are partners, each with a specific role to fulfill in carrying out what God has purposed for “such a time as this.”   Early in this journey God made it clear to Mike that any rewards for what He does through LCMI do not belong to the obvious and out-front workers at LCMI but to those who make up the foundation by faithfully supporting the work behind the scenes. The reward for those in visible roles is responding to His call and having the privilege of seeing the Spirit work and move.  LCMI is not the ministry of one or a few people (for example, Mike, Becky, or Jennifer); it is the work of God through those whom He has called to faithfully support it.   We want to give a picture of the support team from two angles:  the support team’s contributions to LCMI, and LCMI’s contributions to the support team. 

Support Team Areas of Contribution

Prayer Many people regularly support the ministry of LCMI through prayer.  This is the most vital work anyone can do and is where the real work of LCMI happens.  

Financial Many people are called to support the work of LCMI through regular monthly support while others give quarterly or on occasion as the Spirit leads.  Donations to LCMI are tax deductible in the U.S.  

Time and Resources Some donate their time and talents by volunteering to host a seminar, feed and house Mike (and his family on occasion) when he travels to their area, help out in the office, provide professional consultation, care for their children when Mike and Becky are away, etc.   We have been on the receiving end of so much creative giving.  From food to paper products to 800 phone service for our home and office, many people have blessed us with their thoughtfulness in a variety of ways.

LCMI’s Contributions to the Support Team

We desire to support our supporters and maintain relationship with each individual and family who contributes to the work of LCMI.  It is an increasing challenge, but we work hard to stay in communication with our support team both collectively and individually.  Our heart’s desire is to:  1) tell you what we have seen and heard on our journey with Jesus, and 2) to communicate honestly and openly about our situation and needs so that we can pray together.

Prayer LCMI desires to pray with and for our supporters as the Lord leads.  Becky spends time in prayer each week focusing on an attribute of God, then interceding for those we minister TO and those we minister WITH.

Travel Journals & souvenirs Whenever Mike travels he writes his personal thoughts and experiences in journal form to send to the LCMI support team.  In these journals he shares personal insights, experiences, struggles, temptations and failures.  He also shares what He sees God doing as he travels to various corners of the world.  The journals range from 10 to 50 pages and come 6-8 times a year, depending on the number of trips he has taken.  
(Click here to read an excerpt from one of Mike's recent journals.)

Counseling - We really desire to go the extra mile to walk with those who so faithfully support us. As a result, Mike works extra hard to be available to the support team to offer counseling when needed.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our support team you can donate online, 
drop us an email (Contact Us).  

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