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Living Reflections Volume One:  
Reflections on Faith and God's Faithfulness

by Mike and Becky Rule

Because we have received many requests over the years for Living Reflections in book form, we have gathered sixty devotionals on faith and God's faithfulness from our Living Reflections email ministry and placed them into this spiral bound volume.    It is our hope that this will be the first of many volumes published to honor that request.  May you be blessed by reading these articles because it has been a blessing for us to write and share them.  It is our prayer that the Shalom of Jesus will be your ever-increasing reality.

$8.00 U.S. Funds

Other Books
Scars and Stripes Ė by Eugene B. McDaniel
(formerly titled "Before Honor")

"Scars and Stripes are what came to Navy Captain Eugene "Red" McDaniel after his plane was shot down over North Vietnam.  For six years he was a prisoner of the brutal Communists, and for all six years he found strength over despair through the power of God." (From the book cover.)  

This book is one of the most powerful books ever written on suffering and brokenness.  It is an incredible story of human endurance yet offers a greater lesson in how God wants to bring each one of us to the end of our selves.  We highly recommend this book.  
$10.00 U.S. Funds

Assumptions That Affect Our Lives Ė by Christian Overman
This book challenges us to seriously evaluate the underlying assumptions that frame our thinking about life. In this classical work, Christian Overman traces the foundations of Western thought back to two opposing world views: the ancient Greeks and the ancient Hebrews. While our Western concepts of morality, law and ethics are unmistakably rooted in scripture and the Hebrew tradition, the way we interpret and apply Godís truth is regulated by Greek philosophy. As a result we are often missing out on the most important aspects of our relationship with God.
$11.00 U.S. Funds
Why Should I Be the First to Change Ė by Nancy Missler
In this challenging and insightful book, author Nancy Missler asks the question, "Why should I be the first to change?" Just because we are Christians does not mean we have Godís Love flowing from our lives. In this book Nancy tells the story of what God did to heal her marriage. It challenges us to allow the release of the one thing that is resident in EVERY believer -- the power of Godís Love!
$6.00 U.S. Funds

Sidetracked In the Wilderness - by Michael Wells
How do believers begin at a place of joy and find themselves once again defeated? Are you discouraged about your spiritual progress? Your life can be transformed from one of frustration, mediocrity, and failure to one of joy, purpose, and enthusiasm. In this book, Mike Wells encourages us to press onward to an ever-deepening faith in Jesus Christ.
$10.00 U.S. Funds
Problems, God's Presence, and Prayer - by Michael Wells
Christians have just as many problems as anyone else. Financial concerns, marital discord, illness, loneliness, church splits; you name it. Sometimes we compound these problems by imagining that these problems are Godís punishment for our past misdeeds. In Problems, Godís Presence and Prayer, Michael Wells shows us how we can experience the joy of a closer walk with God by encouraging us to see God in the midst of our problems. He shows us how our loving Father uses problems to draw us nearer to Him in faith. This book is highly recommended for believers who have experienced a variety of problems and questioned the silence of God.
$8.00 U.S. Funds

The Gardener's Love - by Michael Wells
The biblical truth taught by Jesus in John 15 is creatively retold in this simple, easy to read story of Alex, a branch who struggles to produce fruit on his own, and the gardener who rescues him. Each beautifully illustrated page shows the progress of the branch as it flourishes under the loving care of the Gardener. People of all ages will discover the simplicity of abiding in Christ and trusting their Heavenly Father. 
$13.00 U.S. Funds

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