Shabbona, Michigan - 2005

Vacation Bible School 

LCMI was invited to do a bible school in the summer of 2005.  This was a nice change of pace for us and we really enjoyed getting to work with the kids.  We also enjoyed having opportunity to role play several bible stores for the kids. The theme was the old west, on the Circle G ranch .  Each evening the kids would go out on the trail to travel back to bible times to meet bible characters and hear the stories of what God had done in their lives.  

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Here is the stage where we began the program each night. Some of the decor found along the trail drive. 
Our son Joe is taught the kids how to tie knots.  Craft time was always a lot of fun for everyone. 
One of the station stops for the kids was a tent way back in the bible days.  Here is one group of kids meeting with Moses and Miriam.
The first night Mike played the part of Moses to tell the story of how God remembers. (Deuteronomy 6:1-9) Our Daughter Rachael played the part of a servant girl. 
Another group of kids are awaiting  the evenings story and adventure.  One of the happy cowboys.
Here is some to the kitchen crew. Two of the characters we played: Simon the Pharisee and a woman of low character; we called her Rahab.
And he is still smiling! Here is Joe again. 
Here Mike is playing the jailer in Phillipi, where Paul and Silas were held.  He told the story of what happened the night of the earthquake and how he and his entire household were saved. Here Rachael plays the part of the girl in Phillipi who was demon possessed.  She helped to tell the story of what had happened to her when Paul cast out her demons. 
Each evening we ended with a time around the campfire.  ...and here is the crew gathered 'round the fire!

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