LCMI Youth on  a Mission
Germfask, Michigan - 2004

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It's time for Breakfast before a LONG hard day of work! It's also time to pack our lunches.  
One of the projects we did was to weed a HUGE set of flower beds for someone whose health would not allow them to do it.   Mrs.. Rule, our faithful time keeper
Mr. Rule - all worn out! The kids are trying to prove there is a pyramid to the Christian life... or maybe not! 
"Tanks" for the memories! The guys on the boat to Mackinaw Island for a day of play.
The girls on the boat... Our faithful leaders - except for Cindy who is hiding behind the camera.
Our gang on the Island (Cindy is still hiding behind the camera!). One big happy family.
Here is the garden of "weedin" all cleaned up. Another view.
Everybody stay in step. All buddies.
Here's your sign! Contemplating next year's 
"Youth on a Mission" Trip!

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