Dolores, Colorado
In January of 2003 the Lord called me to take a trip back to Waukesha, Wisconsin to do follow-up counseling from our last trip there. He then led me on to Dolores, Colorado. I was not really sure why He was having me go, but He made it clear that I was to simply respond to His leading and go where He sends me. I had a wonderful time ministering to the Lord while encouraging the body of Christ. I also had an unexpected opportunity to work on a new seminar series, and speak at Summit Lake Community Church.

The Chicago Skyline from the train as we left the city.

A brief stop in La Junta, Colorado.

We took a brief time out to visit Telluride, Colorado one morning.

Looking down on Telluride from the cable car on top of the mountain.
The elevation here is well over 14,000 feet!

My good friend Donny and I in Telluride, Colorado.

Summit Lake Community Church

Summit Lake Community Church

We took a morning to visit nearby Mesa Verde - an ancient Indian ruin.
What an amazing place!

A closer view of Mesa Verde.

The top of the mesa was accidentlally burned off during the summer
of 2002. Interestingly, there are many places where green life was evident. The Lord revealed that this is a prophetic picture of the church.

There is a lot of dead stuff around, but we are called to concentrate on cultivating and caring for the few places in the midst
of it where there is Life!


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