Calumet YOAM - 2005

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Here is the project house. This is the addition we were called to finish.
Another view. Still another view.
The guys taking a break. Bill working hard. 
Aleah Dave
Jim and Cindy nailing the subfloor. Mike and Aleah doing drywall in the bathroom.
The guys started to put on the siding. Aleah and Alicia painting the foundation.
Some of the old siding had to be cleaned up to reuse.  Chris hard at it. 
Jim and Larry cut the siding and Joe, Chris, and Josh put it on. Josh insulating.
Alicia taping the insulation. Josh, Joe and Chris putting up the ceiling.
Aleah and Alicia having lunch. Lunch again.
Josh and Joe hard at it.  Josh installing the ceiling.
Our day off - touring the Delaware Copper Mine.  Mine tour.
Our entire group - minus Jim who is behind the camera. We showered in the local State Park, and the kids had fun in the sand!
Mike and Becky being love birds. Our 2005 YOAM mission team - left to right: Tom, Aleah, Alicia, Josh, Chris, and Joe.
Part of the trip is that the kids work on all aspects of the trip - including devotions, kitchen detail, and meals.  The girls having FUN. 
Our crew with the construction experts - and mission partners - "For The Least of These": Larry, Jim, and Mike. Almost done!  We came a long way in a short time!  It's amazing what can be done in 5 days with hard workers.  Good job!
The Mackinaw Bridge on the way home. 

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