Queensland, Australia
In October of 2001 Mike had opportunity to spend five weeks in Australia. While there he spoke to a group in Tamworth, New South Wales before heading to Mount Alford, Queensland to complete his counselor training at the Abiding Life Ministries International Conference Center.

Checking e-mail in
Tamworth, New South Wales.

The mountain-top view
back toward Tamworth.

The "Scenic Overlook"
toward Tamworth.

The 'Abiding Life Ministries
International Conference Center'
at Mt. Alford, Queensland.

The "Buelah Shack."
My home for a month.

The conference center
and dining room.

Ah, the comfort!

The breathtaking Australian
countryside at Mt. Alford.

The Gold Coast.


Brisbane - another view.

The Conference Center
from half-way up Mt. Alford.


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