Jesus is the Peace
Passes Understanding
by Elaine Allen

I was reading about peace, joy, happiness...

In thinking this over I was wondering. The peace that passes all understanding... the joy we have in Christ... Aren't these all in reference to our relationship with Him?

When life hands me a lemon I am not the best lemonade maker. But truthfully, Jesus wept, got angry, etc. Life does tend to do that to me. There are things that bring tears and anger. But now I don't doubt my relationship with Him based on these. I can have a broken heart but still have peace and joy because my relationship with Him never changes. What has changed is where my peace and joy lie.

My peace, joy, happiness in this world can turn to tears, hurt feelings, and yes even anger. True peace, joy, happiness is secure because it comes from knowing my salvation is all in Him. I can fret and still have a peace inside me because Jesus is my peace. Tears can run down my face but joy is still a part of me because Jesus is my joy. Do you know what I mean?

I don't have to play the game of pretending all is coming up roses in this world when it ain't. I can be real because He has paid the price to give me true security... CHRIST.

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