The Messenger vs. The Message
By Mike Rule

You are God's child. Satan cannot do anything to you without permission from God. So why do we give so much attention to Satan? Do not confuse the messenger with the message. It may be Satan doing it, but only because God has a purpose in it. He does not cause all things, but He works all things together for the good of those who love Him!

I admit, I struggle sometimes. Sometimes it is a physical struggle, sometimes it is emotional. For example, I have trouble sleeping. For periods of time, I will wake up night after night for seemingly no reason. I become so exhausted and I get so weary due to lack of sleep. It's very frustrating. I cannot seem to get enough sleep. Sleep begins to become the focus (obsession) of my life. I drag around all day long hoping to get a good night's rest! That night it is the same thing all over again. I become more depressed, my emotions run wild, and I am so discouraged. "Why, Lord? "

Recently after several days of this, God brought the story of Samuel and Eli to mind. I realized who was waking me up. Through that revelation, I now find this sleepless time a blessing. It is a time of deep intimacy with Him and sometimes He brings tremendous revelations. It may take time before He begins to speak, so it requires trust, patience, and a quiet listening... sometimes for hours!

Yes, I am tired the next day and that can be frustrating, but He is worthy! I would not trade that time of intimacy for anything. I used to pray against it, but now I am encouraged by it and welcome it. He is in all things! Don't fight it. Yield to it! Don't confuse the messenger with the message!

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