Take a quick tour of our office by clicking on each of the thumb nails.  

Our office is located on the west end of Main Street in Suite #5 of the Thumb Insurance Building in Cass City, Michigan, USA

There is an entrance on the east side of the building.

The east entrance of the building will bring you into the main hall right next to our office.  

But if a person chooses to come in the front of the building, our office is down this hall on the left side.  

The main entrance to our office.

Here is what you will see in our main lobby/waiting area when you first walk in.  

The waiting area.

The business office is located just off the lobby/waiting area, directly across from the main entry door.

Looking into the business office from the lobby.

Becky and Jennifer are hard at work.

There is always something to do... especially at year end report time. 

The view into the back offices from the main lobby/reception area.

The office where Joe does our audio work.  

The counseling room.

Here is Mike's office.

Another view of Mike's office.

A rare glimpse of Mike actually at work!

Another shot...

The opposite side of Mike's office.

Thanks for visiting with us!
Jennifer, Mike, & Becky


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